This shit is real.

Today is the first day of my continuing effort to lose weight .. again.

I hate that this is something I have to do, but I feel blessed that I have a proven way to do it in my deck.  Some people try and try for years and years and never find anything that works for them.  I at least have something that I know will, if applied to my life in the correct ways, work for me.

Day 1.2


Weigh in – 236.4 (UHG)

Total lost – 0 

Total lost since Blog beginning – 98.8 pounds

That sucks to see in black and white, but that is the reason this blog is firing up again, to make reverse this trend.

Since my last update was in 2010, I thought I would give you an overview of my life since I lost the big chunk of weight.


  • Moved to Lincoln NE
  • Got a boyfriend
  • Got a new job
  • Got a new car (Honda Accord)
  • Got a new boyfriend


  • Got a new boyfriend (trend here?)
  • Not .. much else


  • Got a new car (Kia Soul)
  • Got a house
  • Got a husband
  • Got transferred
  • Moved to Battle Creek, MI


  • Moved to Kalamazoo, MI
  • Was told I was going to become an uncle! (YAY!)


  • Got a new car (Fiat 500 Abarth)
  • Became an uncle
  • Me being an uncle
  • Got a new job
  • Moved to Willmar, MN

This posting thing is fun, I hope you all enjoy this.  I sure do.

This shit is real.

I am back, the rules are back. The goal is back.

Alright, for some of you that didn’t follow my last weight loss adventure, please feel free to read through it in this blog.  There is a lot of history in here.  For those that know this journey you know that for me this as a real focus, it took over my life for a while.

I am back.  

I have gained back a good chunk of weight.  Really it is something I am ashamed of, but with most problems in life you have to face the facts, and just move forward.  I can’t ignore the gains and hope to move forward, I have to put real effort into this.

The Rules are back.

The rules were, and are:

  1. A post must be made by Samuel every weekday (Monday-Friday), and get the weekends off.  If by some outlandish reason this does not happen on any one day, a punishment will be suggested by commenters, chosen at random ..  and performed within a week of the offense.
  2. Each post made (during the challenge duration) must contain a picture of Samuel to showcase the current progress of the challenge.  This will include bad-hair days and all.  If this is not followed, please see rule one for punishment procedures.
  3. each post must contain the data from a weigh-in that morning.  A scale will be placed in Samuel’s bathroom, never moved from that spot and used solely for this purpose.

I am serious about this.  The rules are less to punish me for “failing”, but to aid in keeping me on track.

The goal is back

I started this when I weighed 335 pounds, so the goal was to get down to 235.  I met that goal, and exceeded it before I leveled off for a few years.  Over the last 2 I have packed on the weight again and gotten back into the 230s.  I hate it.  I kept justifying it by going “well, I am still over 100 pounds down so its fine.  Now .. I am not, close but its scary.

The goal this time is to re-lose the 40 I have re-gained by years end.

I am doing this, hope you come along for the ride with me.

I am back, the rules are back. The goal is back.

Short day.

short post.  I weighed 189.8 this morning, then ruined it with chinese.  Oh well, I am in the realm and will come out ahead through the weekend.  I am watching TV and chilling tonight.

Have a good weekend.

Short day.

Renewing commitment

HOW IS EVERYONE!  I left this blog in limbo for 2 months, and intended to never return.  I have an announcement to make .. I AM BACK BABY!

The pile of clothes I pulled out of my closet last night that were deemed too big, and will never return to the closet.

Alright, so some updates on where I was and how I am doing.  I was right here, the whole damn time I was here.  Never changing .. always constant Sam here.  How am I doing?  Awesome .. simply awesome.  I have maintained a weight around where I last left off for the entirety of my time away.  I actually was at 191 this morning (naked on my scale at home).  So, on the weight staying off front I think I have done fairly well for myself.

With that I am announcing my new goal: 175 pounds or fitter (which ever comes first).

I am about 16 pounds from that goal, but that goal is less a target and more acting as the Twinky at the end of a stick dangled in front of the fat kid (me) acting as motivation.  The 175 is something I can work hard at trying to achieve and in the process of trying to get there I will be working out more.  The overall result may not be actually weighing less, but getting rid of some flab (which run abundant under my clothes) and feeling better.  I am 100% fine with not getting to the 175, but the challenge is getting there .. and that is the point.

My friend Reid with the pumkin we carved. His name was Curly.

Will I be blogging daily again over the next 2 months (or more) … the answer is YES!  Same as my previous posting schedule, only minus all the damn rules.  I will just be chit-chatting with y’all.  I know that people still check this site quiet often, daily in fact and for the past 2 months they were dissappointed on a consistent basis.  That ends today!

Pictures – Maybe sometimes, but again, no rules so .. no promises at all.

Weights – Whenever I feel they are warrented.  Same rules apply as when I stopped 2 months ago, if I go over 200 I have to blog my way down to 195 again, but I don’t feel that will be an issue.

Swimsuit picture – It WILL be posted before years end.  That is a go.

Shopping spree – It WILL happen, maybe not by years end, but it will happen.  Blaire, I need you here.

I hope that you guys will continue to follow me, it should be fun.  I will be learning my way through working out and stuff.  It shall be exciting!  The site has been freshened, the title of the site fixed (though I can’t change with 100year URL), and new goals posted on the side.  Welcome back people, lets move forward!

Renewing commitment

Day 252

RANDOM FACT – I see to have some semi-nice timing at times.

Weigh in – 195.2 (not even joking you.  I hit that today .. exact.)

Total lost – 140 pounds

Picture –

My grandma Lois with all of her grandkids.

Last night I went for a walk, and I decided I would just make it a visit trip as well walking up to grandma’s nursing home and back.  When I got there I found my aunt, and all or her kids (my only cousins from that side) and my sister.  She had all of her grandkids in the same room for the first time since June.  We talked with her for a while, had her smiling and rolling her eyes (like old times).  She was alert .. and very much aware of everything that was going on.

We got into an argument about who was her favorite grandkid, and I maintained that since I am the oldest I must be the favorite.  We asked Grandma who was the real favorite, and she said that loves us all the same and smiled.

Anyway, we sat around the table with her while she ate, and when she was done, I decided we needed a picture.  The above is the picture we took, and I wanted to share.

One thing that walk did for me was throw my body right into line with where I wanted and needed to be.  I woke up late this morning, and quickly weighed myself .. and that stopped me in my tracks.  I hit the 140 .. exactly.  I weighed myself a couple of times, and I did get other higher numbers .. but 195.2 was the first number I got and I got it more than once.  I told you my scale just likes to throw random numbers at me.  I am taking the 195.2 and claiming it as my own.

That means I have met my second major goal.  The first was to lose 100 pounds, the second was to reach a total of 140.  I am there.  Done.  Met.  w00t!

Now what?  Where do I go from here?  My life is switching over to a maintain mode, so this blog .. will most likely be really .. really boring from here on out.  There is nothing to read about … no goals or milestones left if I am to stay where I am.  The one thing I wanted to do that I have not done is I wanted to post a picture of me in a swimsuit.  I still want to get this done .. but I am going to Florida in November so .. I am thinking I can get it done there and then.

So .. what’s next for this blog?  What will the post schedule look like .. where am I going with this?

I have made a few decisions on that stuff.  First is Post Schedule – I wanted to do this blog for a year, I wanted to show the journey of a man trying to lose 100 pounds over the course of a year.  In 252 days I have lost 140 pounds.  I have roughly 100 days left in the year for posting .. and if I am stopping at 140 and going to try and maintain for a while, then I am done.  I will NOT be posting every weekday anymore.  In fact, the only thing I will be keeping myself to on posts is if I weigh in above 200 at any point, I will blog my daily journey back down to 195.  Other than that, if I am below 200 .. I have no reason to post.

That is not to say I won’t post, I like posting stuff in my life, but this is also part of the test for seeing if I can maintain my weight.  If I am not reminded daily of the weight thing (with having to blog here) will I keep it off?  It’s part of the journey for me .. weening me off the old me and living comfortably in the new me.  So that’s that .. no more posting on a schedule.  The die-hard readers will still get a treat in a shirtless picture of me at some point this year, but you have to be a die-hard I guess.

I want to thank everyone for the support I have gotten, not only from the site comments from time to time, but from the people I see in my day-to-day life.  I have received so many well wishes and compliments along the way .. they all meant and mean a lot to me, and without that support keeping me going who knows where I would be today.


I have shown the world, I have shown me that I am way stronger than I thought.  I am a doer.  I took responsibility for myself and changed who I was in 252 days.   I am proud of this journal, this blog, this life-changing log.  I am a new person today because I decided to start this thing.

Am I done yet?  Is this the end of Sam’s journey.  HELL NO.  What this is though is a reality check.  Sam is breaking it off with the blog so he can see if he is strong enough to stand on his own.  I still have some flab to lose, and weight to drop, but I need to know if I can hold what I have already done steady.

I thank you again for reading.  Peace out!

Day 252