I am not dead.

I had a weight in this morning, and it was 234.

I was sick, then marriage equality, then partys, then friends, then work people and events .. I have not been able to keep up like I would want to, with pictures or updates .. let alone no losses that stick.

I am serious about this change happening, I want to change and plan to change, but I started this at the wrong time .. I should have waited a couple weeks.  I will be back tomorrow with a regular update.

I am not dead.

The cheating continues. I should limit it to one day.

Day 7.2


Weight – 233

Total lost – 3.4

Some other total for the other thing.

After a rather trying call today I needed a drink, that went great with a big meal … And another drink.  And dessert.  That will leave a mark, but it was needed.

I need to buckle down.  Like for serious. 

The cheating continues. I should limit it to one day.

Cheating takes a toll, and I am not upset by that fact.

Days 5.2 and 6.2


Weigh in – 234.4 and 233.2

Total lost – 2 and 3.2

Total lost since Blog beginning – 100.8 and 102

My cheating on Friday and Saturday took a toll on my losses, but that is alright.  One of the things I learned on my first journey was that lossing weight doesn’t have to mean losing your life, live it .. just live it within reason.  Have fun, just make sure that fun isn’t an Ice Cream every night.

Yesterday I didn’t post, and I am not sorry that I didn’t either.  I have been feeling sick, and yesterday I passed out when I got home and never opened my computer.  This is punishable I supposed, but I would hope for mercy.

Tonight James and I, along with all of my work friends had pizza and beer on the lake and it was gorgeous.  It was insanely nice out for an outing, and we had a blast.  James spent a good chunk of the night on the water, and I had great conversation with some of my colleagues.

I could not ask for a better company or team to work for and with.  Cheers y’all.

Until tomorrow!

Cheating takes a toll, and I am not upset by that fact.

Cheat day .. it is a thing that if used correctly is not bad.

Day 4.2


Weigh in – 232.4

Total lost – 4

Total lost since Blog beginning – 102.8

Today is and was my cheat day, and I spent that token in the slot machine of a good burger and a nice beer, and a good coffee .. and ice cream.  Once a week on Friday is my rule, and it was my rule over my first journey and that worked well for me so .. I am doing it again.

I really have not much else to say, today was a great day, I feel accomplished and ready to head into next week.

Cheat day .. it is a thing that if used correctly is not bad.

Check the flow

Day 3.2


Weigh in – 233.2

Total lost – 3.2

Total lost since Blog beginning – 102

I really don’t have much to talk about today, I wish I did.

I had a bit of time during the day to talk with co-workers about my weight loss journey, and time to share the before photos and it gave me a bit of .. I don’t really know the word, but it alowed me to place the entirety of what I have accomplished and where I am going into perspective.  They were encouraging, and kind, and happy for me.

Work otherwise was pretty standard .. expect we didn’t have water.  I had a brilliant idea of wording the signs on the bathroom to say “Please check the flow before you go” and my team cam together around it created an epic sign and making it happen.  If you want to see the sign it is on my Instagram (@samwillman).  Another thing that I got to do was order some furniture for the office from Ikea, I guess since I am the gay guy I have an eye for shit like that.

I will run with that assumption they have of me until it is proven to be wrong.

Check the flow

Just keep swimming

Day 2.2


Weigh in – 234

Total lost – 2.4

Total lost since Blog beginning – 101.2

So, part of the way I lost my big chunk of weight the last big push was walking.  I walked almost every day, rain or shine (and sometimes even snow).  This time I have access to a pool.  One of the benefits of my current employer (who I will talk about sometime .. I am so excited to be a part of this team) is they are located on a campus that has a central exercise/gathering building .. which has a pool!

I have been going here and there.  It is hard to find a time when the pool is empty so my folds to scare and scar people, but when I do have it James and I really enjoy playing around in there.  Its a fun way to exercise, and I am excited to have the option in my life.

The loss today I am sure is a glitch and will return tomorrow (thanks pizza and beer … ) but, from experience, I know that taking the daily changes too seriously, both the good and bad, is the wrong way to gauge success.  I have to look long term.

Have a great day!

Just keep swimming