Check the flow

Day 3.2


Weigh in – 233.2

Total lost – 3.2

Total lost since Blog beginning – 102

I really don’t have much to talk about today, I wish I did.

I had a bit of time during the day to talk with co-workers about my weight loss journey, and time to share the before photos and it gave me a bit of .. I don’t really know the word, but it alowed me to place the entirety of what I have accomplished and where I am going into perspective.  They were encouraging, and kind, and happy for me.

Work otherwise was pretty standard .. expect we didn’t have water.  I had a brilliant idea of wording the signs on the bathroom to say “Please check the flow before you go” and my team cam together around it created an epic sign and making it happen.  If you want to see the sign it is on my Instagram (@samwillman).  Another thing that I got to do was order some furniture for the office from Ikea, I guess since I am the gay guy I have an eye for shit like that.

I will run with that assumption they have of me until it is proven to be wrong.

Check the flow

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