Just keep swimming

Day 2.2


Weigh in – 234

Total lost – 2.4

Total lost since Blog beginning – 101.2

So, part of the way I lost my big chunk of weight the last big push was walking.  I walked almost every day, rain or shine (and sometimes even snow).  This time I have access to a pool.  One of the benefits of my current employer (who I will talk about sometime .. I am so excited to be a part of this team) is they are located on a campus that has a central exercise/gathering building .. which has a pool!

I have been going here and there.  It is hard to find a time when the pool is empty so my folds to scare and scar people, but when I do have it James and I really enjoy playing around in there.  Its a fun way to exercise, and I am excited to have the option in my life.

The loss today I am sure is a glitch and will return tomorrow (thanks pizza and beer … ) but, from experience, I know that taking the daily changes too seriously, both the good and bad, is the wrong way to gauge success.  I have to look long term.

Have a great day!

Just keep swimming

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